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"Litigation" refers to the process of prosecuting or defending a lawsuit. In reality, litigation is the art and practice of helping clients to resolve disputes. Conflicts can arise in virtually every area of life: between businesses, neighbors, family members. In our society we resolve those conflicts under the law, which means through litigation.

The key to navigating – or avoiding – litigation in an efficient and effective manner is to have an attorney who, first and foremost, seeks to help you solve the problem. Even in the most contentious situations, there is always room for a creative solution. Peachey Davies & Myers has helped literally hundreds of clients resolve conflicts before a suit is ever filed. In the past few years, we have resolved business, contract, construction, estate and property disputes. We have also negotiated divorce, custody, visitation and property settlements.

Even with all the options for dispute resolution, it is still advantageous to have a skilled and experienced litigator who knows how to present your case in a professional and persuasive manner. Navigating the rules of court, procedure and evidence, while presenting a compelling story, is an art not easily mastered. The attorneys of Peachey Davies & Myers have extensive experience trying cases before judges and juries throughout the Mid-Columbia region.


Decades of practical experience and a proven record of fighting for our clients’ desired outcomes.

Civil Litgation Attorneys

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Andrew J. Myers


Mark R. Sandri

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