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General and special counsel for local governments including counties and special districts.

Peachey Davies & Myers has extensive experience in municipal law and the many areas of the law in which it intersects. We not only have a strong practice in general governance, municipal, and real estate and land use law, we also have a genuine grasp of the current projects and issues critical to municipalities and special districts.

We provide legal and practical advice on a wide range of matters associated with conducting government affairs, including:

  • Public Meetings and Executive Sessions

  • Public Contracting

  • Public Records

  • Public Lands

  • Elections

  • Government Ethics for Public Officials

  • Code Enforcement and Prosecution

  • Condemnation

  • Environmental and Natural Resources

  • Franchise Fees and Privilege Taxes

  • Personnel and Employment

Municipal Law Attorneys


Lisa Knight Davies

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Andrew J. Myers


Mark R. Sandri

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